Then and Now: Mashed Up Magazine Covers and Classical Paintings by Eisen Bernardo

Creative and quirky at the same time, multimedia artist Eisen Bernardo’s mash up of famous magazine covers and art masterpieces marries pop culture and art in one unique series.

See more of his works here: http://bit.ly/1uSRhgW

The First Morning


(noun) In our list of interesting words, lalochezia is the state of emotional relief one achieves from using vulgar language. This satisfying feeling accompanied with the act of telling someone to f—k off is a great stress relief. If somebody accuses you of having a potty mouth, counteract their unimaginative insult by explaining that copious amounts of lalochezia is helping you from punching them in the face. A little humor and intelligence always goes a long way.  (via wordsnquotes)


Top 10 Japanese Street Fashion Trends of Summer 2014 - new article sharing our picks for this summer’s hottest trends here in Japan. Also features 75+ pictures of popular items on display at Harajuku shops, and our early prediction for the top Japanese street fashion trend item of Fall 2014.

I’m so happy I finally received my Germany Flamengo Kit! I didn’t expect to get it this early and I thought that it will be shipped sometime end of September. The package also included a poster and a mini me version of it! Because I’m happy! (Pharrell mode)

I like going to second hand bookstores and finding vintage book covers!

No regrets. That’s the worst lie we could ever tell ourselves. For the things we could have done when we had the chance, it is like missing that last midnight train ride. You relentlessly wait for the next one to come never knowing it’s the last. You patiently carry the weight of your shoulders, rubbing your hands together to sustain the warmth. You’re terribly freezing but you don’t mind it at all. But after hours of standing there against the wall, you become numb, even more numb for next hours. And the pain becomes unbearable. There and then, all you can ever think about is regret. You start to regret why you came by the bookstore for some good reads before heading to the train station. You regret why you stopped by a coffee shop and had a few sip of tea before deciding to go home. You regret why you had to go back to the grocery store to buy your favorite chocolate chips. You regret every little things you did that day. You regret doing it when you could have done it in another time. You regret because you didn’t catch the last train. What’s more hurting than not able to take the last ride is knowing that someone was waiting for you on the other side. Waiting for you to arrive. That person could be gone by now, could have gone somewhere else. That person could not stand the wait. And you are there standing, hoping you’re just a little too late.

—Jann ray Banguis (via wnq-writers)